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Default help me pick a board -

I've posted a couple different threads about this... I think this might be a better aproach.

I'm 5'11 / 175

I live in AZ so I have a small handful of mountains at my disposal. Usually packed groomers for the most part. Lots of man made blown snow.

My prefered riding style is tackling the hardest, steepest parts of the mountain and going as fast as my board will allow me. So response at speed and feeling in control at speed are paramount. I also like moving through trees and being nimble is also important. I don't hit the part ever, but I do like hips and jumps that naturally occur while riding. So I am not afraid to get airborne.

Currently I am riding my 2006 Ride No.4 which I bassically LOVE because it is incredibly responsive, holds and high speeds, and it is still a bit damp (not overly because its still also very fairly stiff). The other thing I love about my No.4 is that it isn't completely un-playful. its not impossible to have fun with nose and tail presses and all that goodness in the flats.

So I am looking for a similar experience but upgrading to todays tech.

Thanks guys

EDIT - I should have noted, my skill level is advanced. Aside from hitting the park, I am 100% comfortable with anything a mountain is going to throw at me.

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