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Originally Posted by chomps1211 View Post
Yes,.. pun intended!

I have posted a lot about my recent back and arthritis problems in the "Today I Hate" thread, but since I was having so many issues lately I was starting to feel like I was monopolizing the thread.

I thought since there have been a few X-rays posted lately, (...Slyder, really bummed hearing about your daughters arm man!) I thought I'd show you folks exactly what I'm talking about when I say my back is getting worse.

The first X-ray for each view was taken about 4-5 years ago by my arthritis doctor! The second was taken late this summer when I had to go in for my first Chiropractors visit! I think you will probably agree with me (...and the doc.) that the changes are Not for the better! (I took thes pics with my cell phone at the dr's office, so apologies for the quality!)

4 years ago:
Attachment 40593

6 months ago:
Attachment 40601

I was genuinely shocked when I first saw the 2nd AP view from this summer!! I couldn't believe how abruptly my spine makes that sharp S turn from my pelvis!!

Lateral view 4 y/a:
Attachment 40609

Lat view 6 mo ago.
Attachment 40617

Fun stuff, eh? And I haven't even got the F'd up cervical views to show you! This along with the more frequent and severe arthritis flares I've been getting has had me quite frustrated of late!

Anyway, I'm not looking for sympathy or "poor 'Ol chomps." I Just didn't want anyone thinking I was doing all this whining over some minor little wussy shit! I've been living with varying degrees of chronic mild to acutely painful shit of one sort or another for the better part of the last 25+ years!

And while I almost always manage to get to work! I even manage to get out and do a fair amount of fun shit like MTB, Snowboarding, hiking, kayak etc. But, I also (apparently) spend a fair amount of time with a,.. for lack of a better word, Serious,.. maybe even grumpy, pissed off look on my face! I guess I don't notice it because I'm just trying to focus on ignoring the pain and getting thru my day at those times! That sometimes takes a LOT of concentration to accomplish! So,...???

Hence my attitude towards the numb nuts strangers when they give me that, "Smile, it's can't be that bad" shit! I love to laugh and have a good time! But I have never been one of those ppl who walk around with a shit eating grin, happy go lucky all the time!

...Sincere apologies to those of you who are "happy" all the time! (I hate you all BTW!) lol!

It's been a long time since these physical problems have kept my down for more than a few days, and missing all the damn fine snowboarding the last 3 weeks, ( damn season here in MI for decades! This Jan. set an all time record for snowfall by more than 20+ inches!!) All this has understandably had me even more frustrated, angry and on edge!

...and since my family doesn't understand the attraction to going out in the cold for hours/days at a time, I get absolutely NO sympathy there!

I just needed to rant 'n' rave a bit over my frustration, and I figured if anybody would understand my disappointment and anger over this, it would be the people here! (...sarcastic jabs and "F.U. Wussy" cracks and all!)

Damn dude. I know for personal experience that spine (back, neck) pain can be debilitating. Hang in there. Are you getting muscle spasms? Doctor give you any muscle relaxants? It's not a solution, but it can help with the discomfort.
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