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Originally Posted by w3iiipu View Post
just came back from a trip...

i was pushing myself going faster and faster and trying different things...
and i noticed that if u fell hard once...the rest of the day is ruined...its like a mental thing...

i took a very hard fall early in the day and landed on my left hip...couldn't stand up or move for a good 10 minutes. Then the rest of my day just went kaput. I fell ALOT. Just kept falling and falling even when im speed checking constantly. Every turn i link i hesitated and it usually leads to another fall.

So all in all i ended up coming home with chest pains, busted wrists and knees, severe pain on my left hip(couldn't turn or move) and a concussion...FML
Oh man ain't that the truth...

I went through a mini slalom course w/ my friend...first couple of turns I stay down and it was pretty sick feeling...then I hit one turn w/ a bump and kinda stood up a of the day I was like...puttering my way along...heh...falling is mental...but once you stick that first black...and look back...golden

To the OP...i started 2 yrs ago (more like 1.5 since year before I went twice at the end of the season)...but yea...first 2-3 times are the pain...and I totally get that feeling of "what the heck am I doing wrong?!" Sometimes its just one key that makes it all which a lesson would be good for..cause instructors are much better than the average joe at monitoring your body movements. Don't get discourged when you hear ppl say that I started linking turns on my 2nd time or whatever...everyone's learning curves are different.
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