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Originally Posted by WillyFister?052 View Post
Yo people how's it hanging? Well it was my second session, and damn near gave it up all together. I twisted my left wrist backwards and pull all the mussels in my hip (the mussels that run along your tighty whitey line/bikini line if I were female) on my right leg side. The pain from my wrist came instantly,but the leg pain came about a day later. Not to mention a pulled mussel in my stomach from coughing too much. It was so painful to pick myself up with one leg and one arm on opposite side of each other. Just arching my back was like hell with a pulled mussel in my stomach as well. Took a week off from work to recoup.

My first session turned out great minus common soreness afterwards. So my second session I started out slow on beginner hills. The snow there sucked, completely icy and packed from over usage. I still retained the skills from the weekend before and headed for seclusion on the intermediate hills. Basically on my 3rd run of the night I lost control and twisted my hand back and sprained my wrist. I felt my stomach go real empty real fast. Thought I was going to puke. I took a knee and wiggled my fingers to see if the damn thing was broke. It was time for a soft pretzel from the concession stand.

I was not going home quite yet. I got some grub, dried out my gloves, and a drunk women grabbed my arm and shook it verifying nothing was broke. Just extremely sore. Stupid drunk hooker! Sore as hell I did not want to go fast. So I worked on control and switch riding. I'd go a few feet stop then head the same direction I was facing but in switch ride form. I did that back and forth for awhile.

There was nothing I could do to keep my speed down on such packed groomed conditions. I thought to myself "is there anyway to slow a board down?" Like maybe strip all the wax off that bitch? So that leads me to my questions.

Other than the common methods to cut speed on the hill is there anyways to slow a board down? Also, just exactly how much snow do you need to enjoy a good ride? Sorry for such a ridiculous question. And finally, does anybody know how late in the season ski parks in Michigan are open? I think by the time I heal from this one, my local park will be closed end of February.

Well, thanks for spending some time in the mind of my crazy ass. Hope everything was easy enough to comprehend. I did have a few beers during the making of this thread.
First off take a spelling lesson and learn that "mussels" are aquatic animals and hopefully not inside your body getting torn, sprained, etc. Then take about 8 more snowboard lessons or really just give up! One lesson and you think you're set for intermediate terrain? Or, you think you can't control speed because the snow is packed down? Honestly if you aren't a troll you have serious misconceptions about how this works. Even in MI where hills are tiny and easier to ride than anywhere else (exceptions exist of course but southern MI like Bittersweet might as well be farmland) You need more than one day to think you know how to ride. Take lessons and take your time and you won't get hurt and more importantly yet you won't hurt anyone else!
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