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Default My first day snowboarding! How was my progression?

Ok, today was my first time boarding. I snowboarded for 6 hrs straight.
So.... I'm kinda bummed because all I was able to do was go down some blues and black diamonds. I was hoping for at least some jumps, but eh. By the way, I did not slide down the blacks and blues on my butt. I taught myself how to turn and I must say, I've gotten quite proficient at it! I can link turns, as they call it.
I'm kinda proud of myself but kinda not. At least I can prove to my friend, who doubted me, that I can atleast snowboard.

How did I do my first day? I was expecting to hit some jumps and rails but all I could do was some lousy hills.
What are your thoughts?
My parents thought I did good, but they don't know anything about snowboarding.

P.S: I'm not 'fishing' for compliments. I want actual advice on what I should learn next, etc.

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