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duuumb question about possible rebreak of clavicle

cliff's notes: rebraking a mostly healed bone should hurt right? not just discomfort?

Sooo backstory: Broke my left clavicle mountain biking last October and had it surgically repaired with a titanium plate. End of January, the doctor gives me the green light to go do some mellow snowboarding. Just cruise and stay off the jumps and such. I've got most of my range of motion back, with a little tenderness in the shoulder when I extend my arm to the extremes. (but no soreness in the clavicle area).

I've been pretty good about keeping it mellow for the most part and have avoided any bad crashes. I've had the board slip out from under me on some steep runs, but always landed on my butt or caught myself with my right arm.

Then, last Saturday I'm riding and take the rope tow from the lift up to the lodge. In hindsight, I didn't even think that maybe I shouldn't have done that, but most of my weight was being pulled up by my right arm anyway. So a kid falls and the liftie stops the rope (or maybe someone went to far up the rope line and hit the emergency stop thing). When the liftie fires up the rope again, he does it full speed and my left arm gets yanked pretty hard. My friend in front of me gets spun around, the guy behind me yells out a "WTF?" in more than just an acronym. I don't have any pain, so I just move on with giving the liftie the stink eye.

Fast forward, to that evening when I'm taking a shower. I notice a bump along my clavicle that I hadn't noticed before. Part of me is thinking, did the bone get pulled apart and the pins bent? The bone was mostly healed (about 80%) and there's no pain. There's a little discomfort today, but it feels more like the muscles and my shoulder.

It would hurt if I rebroke it right? Seems like I should feel some legit pain and not just discomfort.

Anyway, I know the only way to know for sure is to visit my doctor and get an x-ray, but I just wanted to get the professional opinion of complete and random people on the internet since we're all doctors, billionaires, and married to models.

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