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Originally Posted by SMDSkata View Post
Who wants to give me some ollie help? Comes easy for some, not so easy for me

I used to skateboard a while back but never got the ollie down. I was just fine with rockin the pipe and strollin through without getting technical. Then it became a fruit booter then quit it all together.

A friend gave me his skateboard since he bought one but never got into it. Good condition still.

When I pop my ollie, I get one of two situations.

I land with my feet in the right areas, but only my heel is on the board or My front foot comes down and smashes the nose and my backfoot is not to be found.
Chickenfoot, it's a problem that usually goes away with a lot of practice and more confidence in tricks. I really struggled with this for years when ollieing up steps and ledges.

This is the steps to the ollie:
1: place back foot on tail, place front foot an inch or two from the front trucks.
2: bend knees, make sure your shoulders are square over the board. balance is important
3: slap the tail down
4: suck your legs up in the air with the board traveling with your feet
5: center your feet over the trucks and land with knees bent

Practice this 100 times a day and you'll eventually get it, also try to learn ollies while rolling. It's a lot to think about in less than a second but eventually it will become second nature.
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