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Default How Much of a Performance Increase? Worth It?

Hello All,

New member here with a question for you experienced riders.

Background: I am a somewhat intermediate rider from eastern PA who makes at least 1 "big" ski trip per year and spend the rest of my time on the tiny Pocono mountains. Haven't made it up to VT yet but I have been out west and ridden Breck and Loveland. This year I am heading to Jackson Hole. I rip the in bounds blacks, blues, etc etc, but no park. I can ride switch half decent but definitely not with enough confidence to ride the steeps. I currently ride an '06 Burton Bullet 162 Wide (size 12 boots) with '08 Cartel Bindings (Yes, I have Burton gear, don't shoot!!).

The Question: I am considering a new setup, but I have some budget constraints due to spending money on actually going snowboarding as opposed to new gear. How much better are the modern day boards? I know the Bullet was an entry-level model at the time and it gets me down the slopes just fine but I am curious as to whether or not I'm oblivious to some new world of performance or some burning reason why I should upgrade other than the fact that I want new gear.

I was considering some '12/'13 Burton Cartels and a '13/'14 Custom Camber 162W for the sole reason that I have a Burton and really like it, but I haven't really been 'keeping up with the joneses' so to speak on what's hot and what's not nowadays.

So: should I splurge on some new gear? or save the money for another trip next year? (Note: I know this question is a bit subjective, but I just want to hear some opinions, insults, or other comments from the peanut gallery)


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