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Default Oakley/Electric/Dye...thoughts?

gonna get new goggles soon and im kinda torn between the Canopy, EG2 and CLK.

what i want out of my goggles:

1. maximum visibility
2. a close second is quality/durability
3. a distant third is comfort
and i don't care about looks at all

i tried on both the Canopy and EG2 and i think the EG2 has just a hair better field of view. but i know oakley is quality brand. i dont know much about electric. are electrics any good? any known problems i should know about? i recently came across the Dye CLKs but i havent tried them on yet. but i have the same concerns with them. are they good? any issues with them? i know they're a top of the line paintball company and i would assume if they can make lenses for their face masks to withstand constant paintball shots and fog that they would be good at making snow goggles. i wasn't even thinking about them until i visited their website last night and saw the CLKs. a quick changing, oversized lens?...that comes with 2 extra lenses (one of them is polarized) for $250!? yes please! any info would be appreciated. also, keep in mind i have a big head and a big nose. to give you a reference, oakley splices are way too small for me
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