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New board rant (Rossi Nitro Burton Lib Capita)

Here we go again...I’m gonna rant about boards, but the difference is I’ve tried a few ones this time. I’ll comment on boards I’ve tried and then discuss boards I’m considering. As usual it’s going to be way too long-winded. Please bear with me, and please give me feedback.

First, about me:

Experience/Level: 17 days all in all, of which 5 have been under supervision of a professional instructor in Val Thorens. I’d say I’m kind of sniffin’ Intermediate in the rear. I’m linking turns, Greens and Blues are no problem, some Reds are ok, moguls are giving me a really hard time. I can do tail and nose presses and I’m learning how to carve, butter and do 180s.
Preference: All-Mtn I suppose. I like to play on and off the groomers, hitting (very) small jumps and what little pow I can find whenever I can. Park is meh, jib is feh.
Height: 187 cm (6’2”) - not that it matters much, but...
Weight: 82-85 kg (180-185 lbs.) in the nude, about 200 lbs. when all geared up. Protection, y0.
Boot: Nitro Team TLS 2013 size 44/290/11, no shrinkage tech
Bindings: Burton Cartel Re:Flex 2013 size L
Board: Burton Blunt 2012 159mw
Angles: Still experimenting...

Boards tried so far:

Burton Blunt 2012 159mw (waist 260 mm)
True Twin, V-rocker profile, soft flex (Burton 3/10). Used with my Cartels.
This is the board I own and it’s really nothing special. It’s slow, it “carves” like so-so and the edge hold is so-so.
One thing I really dislike about it is that it’s very unstable when flat basing, which is due to the V-rocker profile I suppose. I have to really push my knees out hard to make it even semi-stable.
There are a few areas where I do feel this board is good however. One is landing jumps because it’s so forgiving. Another is presses and butters. And yet another one is that it’s very good at handling very uneven terrain at slower speeds because it just “flows with it”, so to speak.

Rossignol Trick Stick 2012 158 (waist 252 mm)
True Twin, AmpTek AutoTurn = CR profile, 20% camber & 80% rocker, soft flex (Rossi 4/10). Used with shitty Rossi bindings.
Only took it for a Blue lap. Felt surprisingly alike my Blunt despite the different camber profile and regular width. Nothing special at all, pretty lame board. Don’t think I tried flat basing this one.

Nitro Team Gullwing 2013 159w (waist 266 mm)
Directional Twin, Gullwing = RC profile, mid flex (Nitro 7/10). Used with shitty Rossi bindings and better Raidens.
Boom! This board blew me away. It was crazy fast (from my perspective), felt incredibly much more stable than my Blunt, was so easy to just flat base and go, and also easy to press. On flats I could just crouch all the way down and trail my hand in the snow, and it would still be completely stable. At the same time it could be quite unforgiving and would punish me. Especially on toeside turns it would catch an edge if I wasn’t on my game - which is a good long as it’s not the end of the day and you’re dead tired...

LibTech Skate Banana 2013 159w (waist 265 mm)
True Twin, C2 (C2 BTX?) = Rocker with a mellow camber outside, mid flex (LibTech 6/10). Used with Union Flite bindings.
Only tried this on two blue runs, but after hearing so much about it the experience was just one big meh. Felt more or less like my Blunt, only stiffer and a little faster. It was surprisingly hard to press. Conditions were pristine, fresh morning curduoy so I didn’t really have a chance to evaluate Magnetraction; can’t say I felt it at all. Meh.

Rossignol Taipan 2014 160 (waist 251 mm)
Directional Twin, AmpTek All Mountain = CR, 40% camber & 60% rocker, soft flex (Rossi 5/10). Used with shitty Rossi bindings.
After riding the Team GW this board disappointed me a little. It just felt a little boring to me; a little too soft, not much spring out of turns, not stable when flat basing… I mean it was ok, just...boring. One important thing to note is that I’m almost positive I got heel drag on this board during carving practice. I don’t think I’ve experienced that with any other board I’ve tried.

Rossignol Angus 2013 162mw (waist 261 mm)
True Twin, AmpTek All Mountain = CR, 40% camber & 60% rocker, mid flex (Rossi 7/10). Used with Rome? (390 Boss or Targa?) bindings. I think.
The first thing that really caught my attention with this board was that it felt so...thick? I just flelt like there was so much board between my feet and the snow. Is this what people call “dampness”?
I was mentally prepared that this board would be too much for me to handle, but I have to say I liked it. I only took it for two blue runs and I know that isn’t really its right element. I definitely noticed it was a bigger and stiffer board and I had to work it a little more, but I never felt out of control.
Something that surprised me a little was that it felt somewhat unstable when flatbasing, but the Advanced rider that I borrowed the board from said it was because the snow was very heavy and wet that day.

Now considering the following boards:
  1. So after all this I’m considering whether I should buy a Nitro Team Gullwing 159/159W/162 (or something very similar to it - no, I will not buy an NS board). But I’m not sure about the width. The 159w is VERY wide, but the regular (which I haven’t tried) seems a little narrow (252 waist). Perhaps I could go with the 162 regular (254 waist)? My experience with the heel drag on the Taipan makes me hesitant about narrow waisted boards, especially with my Cartels that leave more heel overhang. Will have to check the width at the inserts carefully…
  2. Or, I’m thinking that pehaps I should go for a One MagTek 159, or maybe even a 163. It’s a little wider (255/258 mm waist) than the narrowest boards I’ve tried while not being extremely wide like the Team. It’s supposed to be about as stiff as the Angus, and has the added benefits of Magnetraction and being directional. I’m thinking that since I could handle the Angus 162W I should be able to handle a One 159, yea? I can get it for 300€ which, being Europe, is a steal. But it’s One ugly-ass board...
  3. And then we have dream that I still haven’t given up on, which is to go all the way to the other end of the spectrum to a Capita Charlie Slasher 164. Still want the 2013 and it’s sold out everywhere, but the Baldface limited edition still exists and it has an ABS wall in the middle for future splitboardifying. Catch is, I’ll have to order it for 360$ + 100$ transatlantic shipment + customs. I shouldn’t. But I already know I love pow and will love it even more in the future. I’m thinking I could hold off the All Mountain purchase and keep developing until the next season, and buy this one in the meantime while I still have the chance.

Slap me. Or just say what you think of all this.

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