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Default could use some input

my bro has been having a problem with his thighs or calves (can't remember which) getting super tight just from one run. so much so that after one run he'd have to take a break and stretch. i know he's in shape because he works out a lot. he's pretty jacked up. he thought it might be from just working his legs too much during his workouts. mostly he lifts weights and maybe some cardio here and there. i find it odd because i'm not in shape whatsoever. the only exercise i get is when i snowboard during the winter and i have absolutely no problems. and like any other good brother i just tell him it's because he sucks lol. but i really don't have a clue. he's not a beginner. he's actually pretty good and had no problems last year. he's been heavy into working out for over 10 years now. so it strikes me as odd that he would all of a sudden have a problem now. i read somewhere on here that compression base layers can help the muscles but i dont know anything about them since i just stick with sweatpants and a sweatshirt. anyone have any advice on this?
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