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I can't help but to believe that all the media attention being thrown at this panicdemic is just for show. Something to distract us from everything else going on.

I'm just not buying the "zomfboobie stage 5 fluzorz pandemicz!!!lol!1one!!" It just reeks like some really lame ad campaign. Some half assed attempt at taking our minds off the economy.

The media dumped everything they had and slapped their panic buttons like an epileptic monkey with turretsí and an affinity for red buttons in an attempt to sway the elections (not that Iím really going to complain about the result). Then after using it as a chance to push through MUCH needed infrastructure improvements throughout the US (along with a recockulous amount of useless spending), the current administration decided maybe it was time to tone it down a tad.

We've all seen them come out saying "Hey it's NOT as bad as we thought it would be, it looks like it's improving etc etc" with no effect on the general public's opinion on the economy or the media's rabid econo-bashing. So is this it? Is this what we've chosen to get the entire world's mind off of the economy? A handful of people who may or may not have died from a new strain of the flu? More people die in car accidents every day than this thing. Where's the vehicledemic?! 99% of the people in the US with this strain are recovering on their own with NO MEDICATION. Why in the blue blazing fuck are we running around like a bunch of fairies? It's gotten to the point where countries have stopped importing meat. IT'S A VIRUS FOR FUCK'S SAKE! IT DOESN'T LIVE IN OR ON FROZEN MEAT! It's not a bacteria and you're not going to get it from eating a badly cooked pork chop.

I'm almost to the point of not caring anymore. Pandemic? ok sure whatever. Which new government regulation are you going to cook up for this one? Quit trying to scare me into supporting new regulations or new government bumbling. present it like a normal society and if it's not an utter cock show of stupidity, I'll support it. And I'm not just blaming our current "government". The whole planet is using this as their handy dandy distraction.

I swear to the Holy Spaghetti Monster I'm going to take over a large land mass and form my own country if this shit keeps up.

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