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I don't see what valid point you're complaining about, just a long ramble telling us your panties are all bunched up at the media for keeping you up to date.

You make no sense. The media is just doing their jobs, reporting on current events. Of coure they're going to sensationalize everything, it's how they get ratings. You act like the media 'chose' to start a pandemic to keep everyone's mind off the economy.

It's their job to report on what's going on. And right now a pandemic is going on. They're also reporting on Obama's 100 days, North Korea's latest temper tantrum, Al-Qaeda's 'Kill Americans' message of the week, a filibuster proof majority in congress, and Somali pirates.

I'm just not buying the "zomfboobie stage 5 fluzorz pandemicz!!!lol!1one!!"
Don't buy it. Great. You'll show the world you're not going to fall for all this superstitious nonsense about 'viruses' that you can't even see. Afterall the flu is caused by a small gnome living in your stomach, isn't it? Your head's buried so far up your ass that anyone would need a shoehorn, vaseline, and a stethoscope just to talk to you about this topic.

It IS a big deal, brainchild. Ever heard of morbidity? Unproductive AND racking up healthcare costs. Wonder what the economic toll of 25% of a country's workforce being out of work for two weeks would be? No, of course you haven't, because you don't know jack or shit about epidemiology.

It meets the definitive criteria for a 'pandemic.' Don't blame the media because people are too dumb to know they can't get it from eating pork. It's HIGHLY contagious, transmittable before symptoms appear, and it's just getting warmed up.

Ever heard of homologous recombination? No, of course you haven't. If it infects someone who is already infected with the right flu virus, you could get a rather deadly, highly transmittable new virus strain. The odds of it are mathemtically small. But when you consider 6 billion people on this planet who could become infected, each carrying billions of virus particles, a funny thing happens - the odds aren't so small.
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