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Originally Posted by MunkySpunk View Post
Bloomberg's response isn't unique or insightful, it's what you're supposed to do - stay home, don't panic.

An individual can afford to miss a few days. Then you get the idiots who make a job out of spreading the virus, next thing you know it's spreading everywhere.

An entire country can afford to have a giant fraction of its population out of work for a few days, but it's a giant price tag. Morbidity - that's the point folks are missing. Nobody's saying it's going to be the next black death.
I agree with him totally about staying home. I've done a ton of research in college and for work on viral, biological, and parasitic infections, their vectors and rates of infection. Besides mosquitos or ticks, the biggest spreader is man.

I really need to stop reading things like the Stand, playing Resident Evil, or watching Outbreak or 28 Days Later.