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Originally Posted by snaplok View Post
I agree with him totally about staying home. I've done a ton of research in college and for work on viral, biological, and parasitic infections, their vectors and rates of infection. Besides mosquitos or ticks, the biggest spreader is man.
If we're needlessly comparing dick sizes on the net, I can send you my doctoral thesis on the molecular biology of arboviruses and their vectors. It's a slim 248 pages.

It's the ease with which this is transmitted person to person that makes this thing such a problem.

At any rate, underreaction is more harmful than overreaction. If we don't act as if this thing is spreading like wildfire, then it will be too late to do anything about it should it indeed turn out to be spreading that fast. Then the very same critics who are mocking people washing hands, wearing masks, the travel restrictions, and quarantines will instead be complaining about the lack of government response. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

If nothing, and absolutely nothing else comes of this, we will have learned a SHITLOAD about epidemiology of aerosol viruses in modern society and what works and what doesn't (like making vaccines to this thing which will have run its course before the first vaccines hit the market) work in the case of rapid response and containment for WHEN (not if) the actual black death-like virus does hit. It's a gold mine of data and mistakes to learn from.
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