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The NWO being a tendency not a group makes sense. Given that there are those that are always discontent with the current situations that the planet seems to be in.

In the American Revolution, the starters of the "New World Order" we deemed patriots, the founding fathers. In as much to say, I'm pretty sure that the King considered them terrorists by sheer definition.

Currently anyone who stands against a government is a dissident. In places like China, Iran and North Korea someone would be put into reeducation camps or disapear completely, thereby prempting a possible threat of a New World Order. Ethical? Maybe. But it's usually the person with the bigger gun who dictates ethics and personal resposibility. Enviornment would only steer a tendacy. It's up to the individual to come to a personal belief system of what is right and wrong and there will always be others around that person to agree or disagree; in the case of religion tell the person they have free choice but if they choose wrong they will burn for eternity. Momentary punishment or eternal damnation.

Ethics is a word used to justify what you might want it to. It IS ethical to torture prisoners because it WILL save lives. It IS ethical for us to lie the shareholders that we are making profits becasue it WILL make the company look good and keep us our jobs. It IS ethical for me to tell my girlfriend that she does not look fat in those pants because it WILL keep me getting laid. It IS NOT ethical to use animals for cancer research, but it IS ethical if you use prisoners; they're just lower forms of life anyway. It IS ethical for us to pay corporations bailout money to keep them in business because it WILL keep jobs, even though we will have to raise everyone's taxes to pay it back. But shhhh don't let anyone know, cause then it would be unethical.

I think I just made my ethics professor proud.
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