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the central theme of the piece is that ultimately the NWO is based not upon countries or national identity, but corporations. these corporations excert pressure upon the global population by creating a debt dependence, which can be enhanced or allieved thru the creation (out of thin air) of more currency.

i believe that the country of Ecuador was a specific example, where by a third world nation was 'bailed out' thru the production of dollars, which were then forcibly repaid to such an extent that the standard of living actually declined significantly in real terms, whilst the 'benevolent bailers' gained profit. such practices persist and are widespread and are known as the works of 'the world bank'.

the claimed light at the end of the tunnel, exists in the removal of money. the central reason underlying this, is that the very nature of capitalism and business is amoral and completely in opposition to what would secure us with a prosperous future.

business succeeds by creating scarcity. if you have too much of a commodity, prices fall along with profits. look to the price of oil recently. the UK has supertankers of oil anchored off shore, because the oil companies do not want a decline in petrol prices which would follow an abundance of oil!

the efforts to maintain profitability, be it thru controlled product scarcity or employee redundancy is unethical to the general populace (the target for profit making)and so is doomed to fail.

it is also hypothesised that the removal of monetary systems would enable a genuinely free exchange of 'trade' and ideas that would truly contribute to collective benefit, such as to the sustainable use of environmental resources..... eg not polluting someone's land to save a bit of money etc.

in addition to this, due to a removal of monetary constraint and thus desire, most if not all criminal activity would be removed simply because there would be no motivating factor behind the committing of most crimes. it is argued (and i cannot say i entirely agree) that humans are NOT intrinsically selfish.

we act not due to human nature, but due to human nurture. our environment (of capitalistic ambition) dictates our behaviour, not our instincts.

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