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Default Dealing with uneven terrain

This is my first snowboard season, and I think I've went about 15 times.
I'm at a point where I can turn comfortably, on steep slopes and started doing some tail & press and can pop a few ollies with some speed [green slopes]. I've just started hitting small jumps.

My question is, whenever I ride on uneven terrain, I cannot go fast as I want to and turning is not super easy. By uneven terrain I don't mean moguls, but very bumpy terrain (not sure if that explains it lol). When I see good snowboarders, they are turning in those terrain like it's nothing and just cruising past it.

How do they absorb those bumps so well? Or rather, how do you get better in general on riding when not on ideal terrain. I mean it's almost like I bounce off bump and have hard time absorbing it sometimes. Is this just matter of experience? or Strength your legs? I don't know what it is =(

I tried going straight fast, and quickly breaking on my heel side but this causes alot of trouble for me. Either I end up completely stopping bouncing a couple times or I slide sideways,

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