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Originally Posted by ItchEtrigR View Post
some sweet deals going on now...

Passed on a Nug because I didnt get the feedback I was looking for in another thread...

after a long wait I got my eye on a

Flow Shifty 160 or 157
Flow Era 158

Im naturally leaning towards the Shifty cause I like camber, have yet to try one of these CRC

it seems like I cant go wrong with any of these decks, but I can only afford one, not such a bad problem to have...

any advice...?
If you like Camber.... R/C/R feels more like true camber than C/R/C. In my opinion.

R/C/R is basically camber, except that the contact points are not constantly engaged. They engage as soon as you tilt the board on edge (obviously depending on how much rocker is on the tips). Sometimes I have even felt the contact points grazing the snow and trying to catch (when I am very tired, sloppy, lots of pow, or conditions are inconsistent), but they rarely catch unless you want them to. The board doesn't feel squirely under your feet.

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