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Default Tarsal coalition

Anyone out there have a tarsal coalition in their Sub Talus joint? (Joint between calcaneus and Talus). I am 53, started boarding this year. Switched from skiing because of my condition. I have no lateral movement in my left ankle. Therefore I cannot carve to the left (on skis).

It does not seem to affect my ability to snowboard. My only problem is getting off the lift. Being that I cannot twist my ankle. (I ride regular). When positioning myself to get off the lift I twist my body as far as I can to the right to get my board 90 degrees to the chair. The problem comes when I'm in close quarters and someone bumps me. I cannot maintain board position so I wipeout.

I've strained my right and left MCLs like this. I am considering riding the lift goofy. That way I will be using my "good" ankle to disembark the lift. I have yet to try that. Any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you
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