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Originally Posted by drstone View Post
Ive spent most of this season so far trying to get some skills back after an injury. I pretty well have the hang of it again ( i was never amazing). I can ride pretty smoothly again, i can handle speed and steeps, even had a coach I got friendly with say my technique was pretty decent....she hasnt seen me ride switch though haha

I told her i want to get better than I was before and she told me to just start hitting some small jumps on the trail first and move into 180s and 360s.

This sounds kinda screwy cause shouldnt I get decent at riding switch first?

I can ride switch on my toeside all day, but everytime i try to go heelside i end up on my ass, and I have an amazing bruise to show for it .

well getting better riding on switch is a must if you gonna be riding switch and turning. I dont think you need to be riding much switch if you just doing 180's and 360s apart from switch landing.
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