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Powder bindings need to be responsive. Stiff powerful responsive bindings go well with a board that's similar. It's about maximizing the energy you put in, and getting quick powerful turns.

I've also rode Burton bindings a fair bit. I switched to the Now's this year and love them dude. Big Neach and I demoed a bunch of the 2015 Now gear down at Baker back in Feb. He absolutely loved the straps on the new Selects, raved about how comfy they were.

The differences with the Now's are unique. The way they feel is unique for sure, but one of the coolest things about them is the dampening feeling. They really help you make big turns, and they really suck up the chop and crud we get here. I'd like to make my own canting for them and see if it improves at all, but after riding Burton's with the autocant that everyone likes all last year, I still find the Nows even easier on the knees and everything than the Burtons anyway so if it's an improvement at all it'll be yet another step up!

The Drives I have now are a great freeride binding. They're definitely not in the realm of TOO STIFF, and they're comfortable yet very responsive. The Drives for 2015 will be stiffer and have a taller highback. They won't be as crazy as the O-Drives though. I tried those and they're intense. I much prefer the Drives for all the riding I do now. I only ride the Malavitas now when I'm working on switch since they're not as touchy.

The Selects however will be getting the 2014 highback from the 2013 Drives that I have & like, along with a ton of other upgrades. I'm planning on picking up a set if funds allow. A fellow pow surfer we ran into in Whis highly reccomended no highbacks in deep powder for that unreal surfing experience. I think I can see where he's coming from... looking forward to trying it.

Either way, the Now stuff is looking awesome for next year. All the kinks seem to be worked out for the third season. The reps were really stoked about it. They also have a similar baseplate to Unions (also a great brand) so they're versatile. I was thinking about a set of Unions before I got talked into trying the Nows and I don't look back at all. Highly reccomended. I'd go with the Selects, or the Drives if you want to get more aggressive in your freeriding.
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