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Originally Posted by KansasNoob View Post
Took more pics for the pickup site so I'll another here...

Moar brights for deer, elk, antelope. All this pic is missing is mountains.
Factory difflock is getting inconsistent. Thinking about a Detroit TruTrac, kinda worried about the lack of full lockup but everyone recommends em. That and new brake pads this summer I hope. Currently have EBC green but they dust worse than any brakes I've seen. Any thoughts?
Can't even tell what it is! Is she a runner beneath all that white heaven?

I would reccomend some ceramic pads. I put Akebono ceramics on my Benz and they made a world of difference for the dust. It's still dust, but it's not the ugly brown corrosive garbage that ruins your nice chrome shoes on your ride. The stuff from ceramics more or less just wipes off easy.

I was just about to buy one of these a few weeks ago but it slipped through my hands like a greasy shit-rope all the way down to Shit-Luck Broketown.
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