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Damn. That is one fucked up video. The general law in most states regarding self-defense is that you are able to meet like force with like force (i.e. if someone is using non-deadly force on you, you can not kill them.) Thus, no crime has been committed upon the first shot. Beyond that, things will get really dicey. Often voluntary manslaughter (or "2nd degree" murder) is reserved for people who do things in a "moment of passion" (i.e. coming home to find your wife in bed with someone else). Here, they might be able to argue that the store owner was still in a "moment of passion." But, it also looks like he had some real intent to kill that guy with the subsequant five shots. That is going to be a messy trial.

By why we are on the topic of people getting shot multiple times...what do people think about that off-duty cop who just got shot (6?) times?
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