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Originally Posted by NzGnu View Post
Unfortunate incident. Like you said the undercover cop was off-duty and thus was most likely not wearing his items/colours that would've identified him as an undercover.

Thus the cop that shot merely saw one man being chased down the road by someone weilding a gun, a potentially lethal situation which they then proceeded to try and stop.

Six shots seems excessive and the cop perhaps needs more training on fire control as similar situation could easily have led to members of the public being shot.

do i think its a race issue? no.

1.Amadou Diallo, a 22-year-old immigrant from West Africa, was killed in the vestibule of the building where he shared a small apartment with two roommates.

Four officers fired 41 shots. Diallo, who worked as a street peddler, was hit
by 19 of the bullets fired.

The officers were reportedly looking for a serial rapist and thought Diallo had a gun, but no gun was found, officials said.

2. Sean Bell, 23, died in November 2006 in a 50-bullet barrage -- 31 fired by one cop Detective Oliver -- hours before he was to be married.

Two of his companions were wounded in the gunfire outside a Queens nightclub.

Dt. Oliver had fired off 31 rounds, including a pause to reload to continue shooting.

Knowing how far and wide racism is within the NYPD, there is NO WAY that this officer turned around, gun in hand and pointed at a white police officer. It's possible that Edwards identified himself and the officer did not hear him.

NYC cops tend to shoot first, ask questions later, especially if you're black. And as progessive this city might be, there is rampant racism everywhere. Right now the ACLU is trying to sue the city due to it's 'stop and frisk policy' that tends to target blacks and hispanics. Now the police do not need cause to stop anyone they want.

Protecting the city also seems to give these cops the right to do whatever they want. You should see how many laws they break themselves. Try watching the movie Lakeview Terrace to get a nice view of the general attitude of the men in blue.
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