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Originally Posted by d2cycles View Post
I don't change my stance much between boards. I use a wider stance on my park board. The width changes from around 21.5" up to 23" depending on the board. I prefer 22" though. I really like 12/-12 so I keep that the same on every board. I keep the bindings centered too because I ride as much switch as normal.

The Cobra is more fun with a little narrower stance IMO. When I first got it, I set my stance at 23" and it didn't float in powder as well as I thought it should and the outside of my feet hurt. I narrowed the stance for the next ride and now I love it. I know it is not a powder board, but that is what I use it for. I was at Wolf Creek last Nov for the 42" dumping and the Cobra was fantastic.
who ever says its not a powder board is wrong.. with a rocker profile and set back.. with a semi-stiff board.. its a powder board.. don't let the forum junkies get to you
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