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Default Help-advanced rider who knows nothing about boards

I want to progress from an advanced rider to an expert. I'm thinking it's time for a new board. I don't understand snowboard terminology and I'm looking for some straight forward advice as to what I should look for based on my current riding style and where I hope to progress.

I started off with a Nitro when I was a kid, got a real job & spent some big bucks on a Palmer Women's Liberty Carbon 2002/2003. I rode that for a few seasons (Buffalo, NY). Moved to Chicago, took a few seasons off, eventually explored Wisconsin's resorts, then moving on to CO mountains where I now mostly ride. In 2012, I updated to a 2011 Ride Promise & my riding progressed fast. I ride about 20-30 days a year.

Aside from the 3 boards I owned, last year was the 1st time I ever tried another board. I demoed some Lib techs (I loved!). I didn't write down what it was that I loved or what it was that I didn't like. Just remember 1 board was too soft & I hated it. I've talked to several people for advice, all seeming to know what they are talking about & all tend to say different things that further confuse me. Demoing is $30 a pop. I donít understand when I read about boarding online; I ride solo, have fun & thatís the extent to what I know. Looking for you to help to simplify.

Current riding (on Ride Promise):
1. Deep carving and riding for speed (small portion of a day)
2. Racing. Make Nastar Nationals every year. Would love an alpine board 1 day
3. Most of my riding is in trees or on moguls. Winter Park, Co black-blues & black diamonds.
4. I like kickers & some air but not too much in the park. More if I'm in WI & bored
Looking to progress:
1. improve tree & mogul performance
2. double-black diamonds, steeper terrain, expert terrain
3. improve switch riding (heel side no problem; toe-side I don't feel comfortable bec I'm so twisted & still unable to see clearly - maybe a twin would make toe-side easier)
Ride Promise is a directional, a rocker & medium stiffness. What does this do for me in terms of the riding that I mentioned?
Is my board fine & do you think a new stick is "needed" to progress?
What specs should I look for & avoid?
Is a quiver possible?
I plan to demo but need to understand better what I'm looking for. Thanks
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