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Default Pain under knee- shin splints?

Might see a doctor if pain persists, but I believe someone here can help me out!

I ride regular. I started getting pain just below my left knee, slightly toward the outside. This started happening at the end of the first day I started doing, slow speed, flat ground, 180s. Every time I practice the slow speed 180s I can feel the pain when using my front leg to initiate the spin. I've never had this pain ever! I can do runs, boxes, jumps, but the pain only comes when I do these spins.

Could I maybe be turning too hard with my front leg in the spin? Am I supposed to put much effort with my back leg in the spin? I'm 5"9 and I have a 21.5" stance width on both my boards. Could this waist width be too wide? This is my first season and I've gone 16 times with no problems, but the last 3-4 times I've had the pain from starting doing flat 180s.

Thanks for reading, much appreciated.
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