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Ollie on a stiffer Camber Board

I've asked a similar question before but after failing to make improvements, I'm back =(

I have a short 150cm Park Pickle and a longer 156cm Capita Outsiders.

On the Pickle I can ollie fairly confidently. I can ollie over 2 ft obstacles pretty easily. But it's a short rocker board so there not too much effort involved. I basically bend low, lift up my nose, suck up my tail, and it's done. But on my full camber Capita, I have trouble making any ollies that are higher than 1ft. I'm pretty sure I should be getting much more power out of this board but I've tried and tried =(

I practiced by trying to first see how high I can lift the nose up. I can easily tailblock on my pickle while cruising down the mountain, but I can't even bring the Capita above my knees (the board wants to snap back down on the snow).

Then I tried to really lean forward on the Capita and do a quick shift to the back + ollie. Pretty much I can get like 1 ft of air and then the board again wants to snap back down. Mind you this board feels like magic off little rollers or jumps because a small ollie is all I need. But I really want to learn to use the most of this board and figure out how to load it up properly and ollie high up in the air =D

Another thing is my nollie back 180 on this board feels smooth and pretty high. So I'm certain something's wrong with my technique =(

Does anyone know any good drills or practices I can work on to get a better/stronger ollie?
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