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Default What do you want to see in slopestyle courses?

I think we all understand slope style is just starting to get a bit repetitive and a bit boring. Unfortunately, every course has in it's roots the same set up. I know the builders of these courses (snowpark tech) can do some more innovative things, judging by their great builds at places like bear mountain and 7 springs. What is something new you would like to see in these courses?

I'd like to see these courses being a lot longer - more options, more lines, maybe fuse street and slopestyle and put a street section after the jumps - Snowboarders are often pressed to do the rail section up top as quick as possible to hit the jump line with the most speed, and maybe a street section at the bottom would allow them to slow down and do some stylish, innovative tricks instead of the every day 270 out. Maybe a really nice handplant on a big sexy wall. Thats my 2 1/2 cents, put in yours?
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