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Originally Posted by NZRide View Post
Hey firstly I should say believe in the "why can't we all just get along thing?"...but.......
Why the fuck do skiers in particular need to ram their shitty skis up against the tail of you board in the lift queue? They are not getting on the lift any faster but need to constantly inch forward while the rest of the line is stationary to fuck up the back of your board?
I have singled out skiers here as they seem to be the biggest culprits and had a bad run in with one particular fuckwit skier, let me describe...

On holiday, at Aspen Snowmass, my wife has a brand new board (well only a week of holidaying old), the rear end had taken a beating just from lift queue assholes (its Libtech which I think is common with weak topsheet) cost $550. We are standing in the lift queue, its a weekday so reasonable crowd but not crazy busy, certainly no need for hustle and bustle. My wifes board gets nudged a couple of times from behind so she kindly asks the guy behind to please try and not run over her board as it chips the top sheet, very nicely said and she is a nice lady not an ugly fat blob or someone you instantly dislike (just to paint a picture as sure someone would have pictured this).
He says he doesn't understand, so she nicely describes it again, so he gets his ski pole and starts rubbing it on the back of her board like he's trying to scratch it! WTF!
I say "what the fuck are you doing?" and he stops.
This is where it raises a separate question. What are the laws in Colorado?, I'm guessing if I punch this guy in the face I could be in for being sued for $20M and raped in prison for life so I feel powerless and not having a similar "weapon in hand" to return the favour, I had to take it like a bitch. Felt really stink, letting my wife get treated in this way. It goes against every male instinct. But didn't want to ruin our holiday and potentially the rest of our lives over it. Back here I would have at the least pushed him to the ground and be ready to fight this asshole. No different to someone intentionally scratching your car really.

Every time I try and get along with skiers I have fuckwits like this, ski families that decide its good to take little Timmy into the terrain park because he wants to go through and will cry if they don't let him have everything he wants.
Of course they can't hit one single feature, but it will satisfy his curiosity if they stand on takeoffs and then slow zig zag down the jump landing and then stop for a chat halfway down it.

I notice a lot of arrogant asshole behaviour still towards boarders from skiers, for every one thats cool theres at least one that has old school skiers fuckwit attitude. So there it is, sure there will be some outraged by this and sure there are heaps of asshole boards too...but skiers....hmmm you know what I mean.
I just took an Ambien before I read this post. My mind is literally exploding.
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