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Default "Gummer's" Lament!

This thread is for all us Old Farts! For those of us who for whatever reason, often wake up (...or go to bed) to various minor to severe aches, pains, injuries, chronic conditions, whatever, whether from shredding to hard, illness or just plain old years of abuse & neglect. ....seeing as how we seem to have a fairly large number of "Mature" riders? I imagine this might be a fairly frequent occurrence for many of us.

I thought I would start a thread that would allow gummer's like us, ( ) to post about our Ol' achin' bones without having to muck up the "Today I Hate" thread so much!

My intention is we could us it as a way to list, compare, complain, whine, cry, commiserate, mope, etc. on all those chronic, intermittent, aggravating, niggling, large or small physical issues that might be plaguing us due to our somewhat,... advanced,..? years!

Better still,.. Maybe we can use this thread as a way to draw inspiration for each other for finding solutions, recovering, maybe just getting advice and support for help in muddling thru, as we go about getting out and continuing to ride and show our dedication to "The Love of Shred!" Despite (...for myself anyway,) often experiencing debilitating pain or even just having to carry a medicine cabinet with us wherever we go!
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