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Feeling stupid...wanna kick myself...

I still can't believe how I ended up hurting my head.

When riding the lift above a sealed off ravine trail, I saw a black band on the snow and thought it possibly was the binding strap/pad I lost awhile ago. I just came back from the Service counter asking if they picked up my lost thing without the luck. then I saw someone run down the trail, if someone can do it, I can too! what the heck I will check the thing out to see if it was my strap/pad.

so I started to run the trail, and people above on the lift yelled at me and I just told them I lost my stuff. anyhow, I got to the black thing and found out it was actually a black goggle half buried.

so I started to run down the trail then I hit the small bumps but strangely my ski got accelerate so fast, then I saw a hole with water the size of driving wheel.shit, I quickly turn left, but then my ski(I snowboarded for a few hours earlier and then changed to ski) still kept accelerating, the ravine was very narrow. shit I didn't know how slow down! ok just ride it fast and off the trail, because I was almost at the end of that trail. the next thing I know, I banged my head very hard on some solid object.

damn! I guess the snow was just a thin crust covered up the stream running underneath. so it couldn't stand my weight.

I started to have some mild headache and pain on my head and neck at night. I was really scare last night. I went to see the doctor just in case, and was told not to worry for now, unless some symptom develop later then I should just go straight to hospital.

I am basically now just pissed at myself. how come I didn't see the hole when I was on the lift? how come I didn't manage to slow down? so melting snow could accelerate the ski and make it lose control? (yes, damn the weather here, the day before there were snowflake here and there and then the next day was around 10 Celsius already. )

Do you think you could make the same mistake as me? How could I have done differently?

This season was tons of fun for me. then I ended on a bad note on the last day of the season.

is it stupidity or just accidents do happen?

Any sympathy and consolation from fellow snowboarder/skier?
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