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Default Game of Thrones TV Discussion: Spoilers! TV ONLY!

TV SHOW SPOILERS IF YOU"RE NOT UP TO DATE. OK so if you're a dork who reads the books DO NOT post spoilers in this thread. if you do i will push to make sure you get banned from here, and your douchebaggery WILL be referred to 4chan.

this thread is for discussion of the TV show and its current events.

like this one:

wooo hooo! pissed there were no dragons in last nights ep but dead joffery makes up for it. the power vacuum we have now is great. stanis and khaleesi should step up their expediency when news gets to them.... and who will seize power in King's Landing???

tywin? hand it down to tommen (joffery's lil bro - not sadistic), circe make a move? the tyrell's (as she is now queen)??

whodunnit?? the fool and sansa? oberyn? tyrion (no way bro!)?, circe or tywin???

goddamnit why is the video embedding button for vimeo now??? fuck vimeo.

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