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Season ender jump (Vid)

This was a really great season for me. 17 days on the snow (typically 1 day a weekend, sometimes 2). I achieved lots of mini-goals:
* Realisation that my general technique sucks, and learning to correct it
* Cleared the lip of a 16ft half pipe
* Shifty air off a kicker
* Method air
* 360 off a bit larger (15ft) jump
* Learning carving on fresh corduroy
* First actual attempt at a wildcat (Once, i havent found a suitable kicker/landing to try again)
* Started trying tamedogs. Mainly just jumping onto my back right now
- 50-50s and BS boardslides on downhill box, pipe, then rails (50-50 on the rail was a fairly big moment)
- 180 on to the box
- FS boardslides on a box. Cant seem to stay locked on for the rail unless i land with the rail right in the middle of the bindings. Kept trying for that stylish nose biased slide but kept slipping off.
- Main thing is, i *get it* now. Rails are fun, they have the same accomplishment feeling as jumps, but once done i just unbind and go back for another go - no lifts or waiting. More of that will be done next season!

So on Sunday, after spending a bunch of time on rails, i was heading towards the Medium line of jumps when i saw that my wife and a friend had come to wait for me at the bottom of the park so we could head off to the regular slopes (it was at around 3pm). i figured "what have i got to lose - Its the end of the weekend near the end of the season", and lined up for their "L" jump. Looking at the homepage now it says 15m (50ft), but I doubt that Maybe 30ft?. I do know it had a bigger kick than the "M" i had been hitting with confidence - skiers and boarders were getting some serious height off it.

Super shakey gopro footage. The kick caught me off guard and messed my balance. Caught a toe edge right before the lip, whacked the gopro and proceeded to tumble in a backside rotation before landing on my left side. Much of the movement you see is the gopro, on the cheap pole i have

End result is a broken collar bone, and the corners of my radius and ulnar bones

Its all fairly clean, not too painful, but a bit of a hassle. Sucks to end the season when there is still snow out there, but i keep looking at all the positives, and just cant wait to get back into it next season! Though I think the M jumps are all i will hit from now on. At 35 I am a bit old to get into big airs
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