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(UPDATED w/x-rays) Everyone loves a good injury thread - Another season ender

Was my last weekend on the hill today, and fitting I get the worst injury of my snowboarding career (wasn't THAT bad though, all things considered).

Was workin away in the park on front 5s, a trick i am not extremely consistent at but can land at a bit higher than 50% of the time. Was on a medium jump (~25 ft) at Marmot and conditions were good, albeit the snow was a bit hard. Was dropping in to the jump from the same point and doing the exact same set up turn on each hit, and was well within my abilities. Last run of the day of course, drop in, hit the lip fine and as i get to about 450 degrees to spot my landing i realize i am way too far down the landing area and have overshot the jump by a good ten feet. Normally that wouldn't be a HUGE issue but the way it was constructed, the landing area flattens out significantly right at the point I landed. I landed with my board underneath me, too nose heavy and my ankle snapped and dislocated upon impact. Took my board off, hobbled out of the landing area and took a breather. Pain wasn't as bad as I would have thought, so i rode down the hill (only another 50 m or so) and checked myself into the health hut. Upon removing the boot the pain intensified and my ankle was quite swollen and a bit crook

so we headed down to the hospital where I got x-rays and referred to an ortho surgeon. Two days later I am out of the hospital with 3 screws and a plate in my ankle (sorry no x-ray pr0n for ya yet)

Worst part for me was that i was riding completely within my abilities, and have absolutely no idea how i managed to pick up so much speed on that last hit... I have my set up turns on lock and even mid way through the air i felt like the trick was in the bag... I guess that just goes to show even imperceptible changes to technique and speed can have dire consequences.
Anyone ever have this type of injury before? healing time? how was snowboarding after?


So the ankle feels like it's been healing up quite well. Never really felt any intense pain, so maybe took 3 or 4 painkillers in the first week and none since then, which is good (maybe it's in my head but my all-natural herbal painkillers seem to work better anyways ). The doc said I can put about 20 lbs of weight on it, so I am getting used to walking again with help from the crutches. The only negative was that the foot became infected shortly after surgery. Fortunately we caught it pretty early so just took some antibiotics and it eventually went away. Anyways this thread is now in tl;dr territory so on to the pics:

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