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Should I return to snowboarding after dislocation

I took up snowboarding very tentatively aged 37. After a lot of hit and miss and LOTS of falls, I finally passed my lessons and was able to go on the main slopes at the indoor centres. After that I spent 3 days in Scotland where I got a little better and then last year I went to Austria for a week.

In Austria the difficulty was too high for me and unfortunately I dislocated my shoulder. This was in march '13 so over a year ago now. I'd say my shoulder is at about 95%, physios said I may never get the full movement back.

The injury was the worst I'd ever had (I've also injured my neck & sprained my wrist boarding and had a few karate injuries) and it put me off. I swore I'd never do it again...

But I miss it. I really suck at it and being on the slopes that were too steep for me was not fun but I enjoyed scotland, the beginner slopes. I want to try again but I'm really scared and I'm doubly scared that my fear itself may actually cause me to be too stiff (which was always a bit of a problem of mine anyway) and just fall more and cause further injury.

I'm thinking of starting over, taking lessons again from level 1 so I could just ease into it without pressure.

I've read lots of posts on these forums from other people who have dislocated shoulders and they seem almost minor? Like it just pops out every time they go boarding as if it's nothing! I was in agony, it took months to heal and I would never want to injure myself like that again!

But my doctor did say that my age (42 now) could actually be an advantage as when you get older you are less elastic and a dislocation is less likely. But he also said that once you've done it once you're more likely to do it again.

Another thing that scares me is that I did not do it on a steep section of the mountain. I had actually cleared the run and then just as I was heading towards the lift, I think I just caught an edge on the flat part of the slope and went over. If I can dislocate my shoulder on the flat bit of slope, then there's always that risk isn't there?

I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to just live in fear my whole life and there really was nothing quite like the feeling of actually boarding in those moments when I did it semi-well :-)

Any advice much appreciated!
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