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Default Off-Topic: Skateboarding in summer?

I know there are quite a few old-timers like myself (45 y/o) who snowboard and frequent the forums. Do any of you guys who still get at it on the snow at this stage in life also skateboard at all? I haven't been on a skateboard in 20+ years, I think the last board I owned was probably a Vision Mark Gonzalez if that gives you any idea. (Edited to add: I did buy a re-release a couple years ago of the "Vision" Mark Gonzalez to have as a momento of that time... when I was young and cool... but I've never ridden it.)

Anyway, a buddy of mine who is in construction and also skates just built a mini-half in his backyard. The temptation is running hot and heavy to give it a go. I've spent most of the morning surfing online looking at skateboards. Times have changed and boards/wheels sure are different now. Glad to see Indy is still round though. Ah man, it has been a long, long time. Sooo... let's hear from the old guys, anyone still skate?

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