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Default Am I the only Super Nerd?

I'm not ashamed. I admit it. I am such a nerd for snowboarding.

Since we're pretty much rockin' the off season, I've been doing my own daily and weekly uhhh... stuff to keep stoked at work.

For instance:

There's a white board in a shared area near my office. It has a countdown that I update daily. Today is 172 days until Stevens Pass opens.

My co-worker is fun and plays along (kinda -- because I make him). He tried to call me out on not updating it today. He said it was 172 days last Friday. Uh no, no it wasn't. It was 176 days on Friday and I updated it while he was out at a site visit this morning which is why he didn't see it change. :P Try to catch me forgetting will you? Unh uh. Not gonna happen.

Additionally, every week, I pick a new Snowboarder of the Week and make my co-workers guess who it is. HINT: It's NOT Shaun White, so quit guessing Shaun White. What am I, a 14 year old boy? Snowboarder of the week gets his or her picture as my desktop wallpaper, lucky them!

I was going to make a paper chain to rip off days until the hill opens, but figured the white board was more interactive. And by interactive, I mean I can force people to talk to me about snowboarding.

I haven't been wearing my new boots around the office lately, but I did that for like 2 days straight when they first turned up in the mail.

Oh, and at lunch time, I've been crocheting wool gaitors to keep my neck all toasty next winter!

So I realize I'm probably Queen of the Nerds, but please tell me I'm not the only major dork?
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