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Shoulder Injury

I thought I'd throw my hat in the injury ring along with some of the other old men on here.

I injured my right shoulder on Jan. 15 trying to 180 onto a box. Last run, of course. I had been progressing nicely since the start of the season.

I caught the front of the box with my edge and I slammed shoulder first onto the box. First thougtht was, I just ruined 2 planned trips to Colorado and second thought was, well at least I wipe my ass with my left hand. I thought I was done for the season. I've never heard my body make a noise like that. I couldn't move my arm at all and my shoulder was not where it used to be. I walked back up the hill (parking lot is at the top of the hill) and laid by my truck for a good 30 minutes. My truck is a manual and I was trying to figure out how I was going to drive home. I finally got in, placed my right hand on the gear shift, put it in 3rd and drove home slowly. Going up my drive, I needed to downshift into 2nd. I shifted and my shoulder relocated itself and I screamed like a little girl. Trying to get my tight base layer shirt off was absolute hell.

I went to the family dr. and he said I dislocated my shoulder, broke my collar bone and torn my AC joint. He sent me straight to an orthopedic surgeon.

The surgeon took an x-ray and did some movements to arm. Nothing broken, said I didn't dislocate it, and said I probably had some torn ligaments. Told me to take it easy for 2 weeks and come back if it wasn't significantly better (I wasn't going to argue with him about the dislocation).

2 weeks later (2 days before first Colorado trip), it was way better. I could finally put deodorant on myself, so I thought I was well on my way. I hadn't ridden my board any in that 2 weeks.

I went on my Colorado trip and it wasn't too bad. I did the Woodward at Copper and that was great except trying to get out of the foam pits with a bum shoulder.

My shoulder didn't really get any better after the 2 weeks. I continued to snowboard and run, but the pain was annoying (especially running with the constant pounding). I took my 2nd trip to the mountains the end of March and felt about the same.

Season was over for me at the end of March so I decided I had better go back to the surgeon to see what he thinks. He did an MRI and found I have a severly torn bicep tendon and a partially torn rotator cuff tendon. He said I could have surgery now or do occupational therapy for 4 weeks to see if that helped. Today was the last day of OT and if anything, it has gotten worse.

I go back to the surgeon on Wednesday. I'm assuming I'll be having the surgery to repair the tendons. The OT told me it will require my arm being in a sling for 6 weeks which sounds terrible at the moment.

I'm sure this is a common injury in snowboarding. Has anyone had this injury and/or surgery that could shed some light? I'm assuming surgery is the best option for a full recovery, but I can't really get anyone to say one way or another.

I wakeboard in the summer, so that will probably not happen this year, depending on how long I'm restricted after the surgery. I imagine they won't want me getting my arms yanked on by a boat any time soon.
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