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SoCalSouls cat would go great with my all black cat. I've been looking for a cat like yours for years!

My Queen Kianha was a rescue cat. I was sort of looking around for one and I called a guy to see if they had any tabbies or blue Russians left He said no and hung up. Two hours later there's this dude who dropped off this kitten (she couldn't have been more than 3 weeks old) on the front porch and its ice raining. I was so pissed but hey, I was sort of looking for one anyways. She wouldn't eat for a week, had to feed her with an eye drop and I had to teach her to eat dry food and drink water. I'll never forget when I introduced wet food to her when she was about two years old. She wouldn't touch it until I pretended to eat it and then you could see it click in her head, "ohhh this is for me!" lol. So cute...
Edit: she's way bigger than my son, she's a whopping 18 lbs, which is amazing!
Bonus Pics (sorry, already had em on Imgur):

imgur: the simple image sharer

imgur: the simple image sharer

If I was able to have a dog, I really would. I'm so allergic to my favorite breeds (retrievers, shepards, water dogs) that I get hives galore where ever they lick me �� maybe one day it'll clear up. They say allergies come and go every seven years right?

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