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Oh! I wasn't actually asking for advice on buying. I couldn't afford 500-1000 shares if the were going for $1 a share. I just thought it was interesting that the company was sending out emails offering (..regular?) people a chance at participating in their IPO. I understood those things to be fairly hard to get in on at the onset of public trading. Sort of a good ol' boys club among traders n rich folk!

But yeah,.. Initially I could see the stock doing well. Might double, triple, maybe even quadruple in the first few months or more. But I think you're right. In the ling run it will settle in to a pretty stable price. It's not like they're selling laptops, smart phones, or software n shit. Once every wanna b adrenaline junkie has a camera and mounts, who do they sell new stuff to!

Then everyone will probably get out, cuz nobody does the stock market for " the long haul" anymore. Seems todays wall street is all about those 150-200%+ profits. Anything less doesn't seem to garner much attention or willingness to stick it out. ( least that's how it appears to this layman!)

-edit- the by! Didn't it take a decade before apple stock really started to take off? It took 30 years for it to hit that $6-$700 a share mark. I have no clue what their IPO price was or how many times the stock split over that time. Only know If you invested a grand or two in the 80's, you are very rich today!
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