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Find out, what exactly she's most afraid of and then concentrate in building up the technique to handle that particular situation. Negociating that problem will build up confidence to tackle the next step. Is it that she can't brake if getting too much speed? Then exercise braking. Is it that she's afraid to catch an edge? Then concentrate on edge control. Is it the turning? Let her do slow turns in proper technique and actually feel the board, how it reacts, how the edges will to the turns without bustling movements.
It rarely is a good idea when couples teach eachother... and in your case, as you're noobish as well, you most probably won't be able to identify what she's doing right or wronly. Thus invest on more lessons and choose a gentle patient instructor who will listen to her, discuss her fears and tackle them - her excuses about gear show that she's overstrained/pushed too much. She should have the time to analyse the real problem.

On a sidenote: It's no good to compare how fast you progressed with her progress. Everybody is different. I assume, she's the gentle cautious type of girl? And you like her for being soft n gentle? If so, remind yourself that you usually like these traits when you feel you get impatient and don't expect her to change her character just cos you'd like her to be suddenly brave just cos you're on the slope now.

And at the risk of getting a shitstorm for my next comment: snowboarding isn't for everyone. I've many rather cautious/fearful female friends who tried snowboarding and gave up soon, switched to skies and enjoy their time on the slopes with skies. With skies you have better speed control as a beginner and you rarely fall due to the additional poles. If your gf absolutely won't overcome her fears, and you absolutely want to spend time on the slopes together... maybe she'll prefer the saver way.

I really thought quicksand was going to be a much bigger issue in my life when I was little

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