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From your list I've only ridden the Idol and I liked it, pretty stable. Would serve your purpose.
Don't know the Ride Baretta, but the '13 Farah which would fit as well

Originally Posted by hungyhippo151 View Post
My old board is 144cm but I'm looking to move to ~147. I'm 5'4 ~120lbs and I know that's on the higher end of my size scale but as I said I'm looking to get more speed. If I get a more aggressive board, I may stay somewhere around 144, but again, I'm open to suggestions.
What makes you think that? A 144 is pretty small for what you aim to ride (carving n speed).
If you look at the weight ranges of e.g. the Baretta, you'd fit in a 151 or even 154 tho I wouldn't recommend to go from a 144 directly on a 154, could be bit of a big step, but... the bigger you go, the more edge you have to work with for carving and more stable at speed.
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