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[QUOTE=MunkySpunk;175101]You've never driven a camaro in a blizzard. I suggest you try it sometime, with someone else's insured camaro. Then you'll understand how cars 'suck' in the snow. QUOTE]

exactly, especially a strong rear wheeled car, had a supercharged thunderbird back in the day, so powerful when I took it out in the snow the slightest tap of the gas would spin the rear wheels sending me into a fish tail.

So Now I rock a chevy Tahoe 4x4 5.3 with snow tires, the thing is a beast for snowboarding trips, we take it every weekend 5 hrs there and 5 hrs back, (stay overnight ofcourse) pack 7 people in it with the 3rd row down bags in the back +3 boards and 4 boards on the roof rack. 2 tvs and 1 19" monitor in the back. the perfect trip Truck.
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