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Originally Posted by MunkySpunk View Post
You've never driven a camaro in a blizzard. I suggest you try it sometime, with someone else's insured camaro. Then you'll understand how cars 'suck' in the snow.

I take the position that an actual 'need' for a truck/SUV in the winter, while legitimate for some people, is tremendously overblown for the rest of the population who live right on plowed and salted roads. I'll stick with cars, which is all I need to get by in the winter where I am. I can't justify the expense of buying and then gassing up a truck year round in order to be prepared for the maybe 7 mornings of shitty driving conditions total per year in winter.

I've got a 2WD Matrix which is GREAT for boarding. Everything fits inside perfectly. We've got a Yakima rack with ski/board clamps for when we're carrying luggage or extra people.

Several times last year we couldn't reach the hill with a 2WD car, however, so we're looking at trading in my Honda for a used Suzuki SX4, Matrix AWD, or a Forester to drive in the winter. The SX4 gets 30MPG highway, which is phenomenal for an AWD vehicle. We're hitting a dealership this weekend to see if my 6'4" goon ass can even fit in an SX4.
rwd is fine in the winter with proper winter tires and a decent driver.
Honestly, snowtires > awd

and awd with snowtires >>>>> the world.
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