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I have been working out a steady 5 days a week for a while now. I was reading a few posts here about people who wanna get in shape and lose weight etc etc. A few suggestions:

1. Eat only natural fresh foods. Anything that comes in a can or a box is garbage (unless its whole wheat pasta, or frozen veggies). Whole wheat is ONLY whole wheat if it says 100% on the front. If its not real whole wheat, its like white bread on steroids and it actually becomes more healthy to eat the white bread, not the fake whole wheat.

2. Avoid supplements. Protein shakes are only good as an entire meal replacement. But too much of those shakes cause kidney stones and other chemical imbalances in your body. These supplements provide way too much protein, and all that extra protein you eat but you dont need gets stored in your body as adipose tissue, aka fat. You can caculate your protein necessity by converting your weight into kilograms (Ex: 140 lbs. Divide that by 2.2- 63 kilograms.) Then you multiply that by your activity level. Sedentary- .8. Active- 1.0 and Athlete 1.2. These protein shakes provide too much protein for an average individual. We eat plenty of protein in our diet alone. Believe me, you dont need them.

3. Creatine. Your body makes enough. It makes exactly what you need, and when you need more it makes more. Creatine is what your body makes to make ATP= energy. Only really serious athletes need to supplement to get that extra creatine. If they dont, their body will begin to 'bonk'. You wanna know what it is, look it up. I dont wanna type it all lol.

4. Your not gonna get a 6 pack with any fat on your stomach. Not gonna happen. Stop doing 1000 crunches its not gonna get you anywhere.

5. WEIGHT. Its all about how much weight you lift. The more weight you lift, the higher your RMR is going to be, your resting metabolic rate= How many calories your body expends by just sitting in a chair. Believe me, you start lifting more weight your appetite is going to sky rocket. But then comes the question of what you are eating. Your body fat will decrease tremoundsly by lifting more weights. Your muscles are gonna be looking for that extra nutrition to feed itself, therefore eating all your stored fat and so on.

Eat right. Work out. It will happen. Dont waste your money on hydroxycut on trim spa and all that garbage. Its all about what you do to lose weight. Your not gonna lose weight by swallowing a pill.

Also---dont lose too much weight to fast. It will all come back. BELIEVE ME. Lose up to a pound a week.

Any other questions feel free to ask!!! I go to school for this stuff
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