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Smile March CO trip

Intend to spend some days next spring in CO (arrive in Denver Thursday March 19th evening, pick up the rental car and drive westwards; leave Saturday March 28th). Never been there, I've very limited knowledge from google and this forum. Our resorts can be pretty hard to reach, long drives on narrow icy passes. Try to get a feeling for travel distances/time and how to proceed to avoid spending more time on a highway than on the slopes

- Assuming we're lucky and a storm will hit that week. Do storms usually hit very locally (= mtn A will have fresh, mtn B not; this would mean that we'd need to be very flexible) or it usually dumps pretty evenly (= no need to run to A cos B will also have fresh to ride).

- I assume that if a storm hits, it's preferable to be in the town already rather than drive there a) due to impeded traffic and b) cos you want to catch the first lift cos the fresh will be chewed up soon?

- Spots in mind so far are Berthoud Pass (hike), Loveland (ridge cat), maybe Silverthorne (snowkite on a windy non-fresh day), and Vail. On google maps, they look pretty close and doable in the morning... true? I assume that driving to Silverton is kind of out of scope if a storm hits, therefore I've concentrated on spots close together...?

- Are accommodations along the I-70 corridor a) available at short hand at b) still reasonable rates or is it better to chose a hub, book well in advance and then drive from there to the different spots?

- Even if it's better to book last minute, having the first night settled in advance is a must... (don't wanna ground the same way as in Fairbanks last year ). Comming from Denver, I thought of riding Loveland first (not as crowded on weekend) or hike Berthoud Pass, depending on weather; then proceed further west. Any recommendations in this area?

- I've looked at Vail pass prices (ouch). Then checked the epic pass site. Made me thinking that a 4 day epic pass might be a good idea...? (3 days vail is the same price as that pass with the additional opportunity to ride other spots - if that's an advantage...?). Are they only available a certain timeframe or limited number or still available in March?

Edit: flights and rental car (March 19/28th) and accomodation (in Breck) are booked. So far so good
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