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Default Casual snowboarder looking for a board

Hi guys, I'm just a casual snowboarder, who usually just goes a couple times a year, but I would still like to own my own snowboard instead of the crappy rental ones that are never the same size, so I can gradually get better and get used to my own not smelly gear.

I only go to parks (in Arizona, yes, we have snow), so I was thinking maybe a lighter, more freestyle kinda board, because I skateboard, and that is what feels familiar for me. I'd still like the board to feel controlled when I pick up speed, but agile when I'm going slow, which is often, because I'm not that good haha.

I was hoping to not spend too much either. I'm not going to spend over $300, and I was hoping to find one quite a bit cheaper, perhaps a 2014 model in the off season.

Thanks brahs.

Also, I'm 5'7, 130 pounds, and ride goofy.
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