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Small Boot Snowboarders Support Group

After realizing that I've apparently overlooked an important sizing element in snowboarding all this time, waist width, I've come to the realization that this industry is not made for dudes with size 7-7.5 feet.

Apparently just about everyone has a foot length that is significantly larger than the waist width of their snowboard (though not necessarily overhanging at the inserts with angles - and talking about feet only, not boots). This isn't the case for 7 feet. Some boards are 247mm, but a size 7 is 250mm. For comparison, a size 9.5 is 267mm, way wider than even most wide boards at the waist yet fits on a normal width board.

That has to make for some rather significant mechanical differences, so now I'm curious what it feels like snowboarding on something that fits. The problem is almost all of the boards with less than 240mm waists, which you'd need to get comparable leverage, are either super short toy boards or wet noodle women's boards.

My powder boards are 253mm at the waist Wider for powder is probably not that bad, but I'm guessing at least a 247 or something will make me feel like I was on a boat before.

What do the other 7s ride? Or do you just accept that you have to lay in to everything harder than everybody else? What are the longer, narrow, stiffer boards?

TRS 148N is 238mm, but I'd like something a bit longer. So far, that's all I can really find.

Yes Hel is 239, but only 146, which is too tiny.

The other option is custom building a Prior, which I'm way too cheap to pay for.

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